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- Make an offer once you've found a house you like, you need to make an offer; establish the price; fasten the border of the propriety and when and how to pay. Normally you should pay in the account with a cheque to the representative, sum that will be returned in case the offer won't be accepted.

- Compromise_private contract of legal value which specifies terms and conditions of the act. Here there should be written the price declared for the propriety. Once the deposit is negotiate and the compromise firmed both parts must conclude the pact. If the seller should back up he has to pay the double of the sum they have contracted, and if the buyer should back up he would lose the account.

- Land practice if necessary the estate agency will resolve any type of technical problem with the aid of a technical staff

- Before you sign the conclusive Act you have to check if you have:
An Italian tax code which you can find by the Italian Consulate in your home town, or during your sojourn in Italy by a revenue office.

- Deed the definitive contract has to be firmed in front of a notary. This has to be registered in the real estate register and all the governmental collection and taxes have to be calculated. Both the purchaser and the seller must be present at the act of the notary. The notary must read the contract out loud and before both parts firm the sum must be settle. The act must be firmed both from the purchaser and from the seller and at last the governmental tax must be payed.

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